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Tahoe Business Network

Tahoe Business Network is a soon to be not for profit business networking group that is focused on assisting small and medium sized businesses in the Lake Tahoe Basin. We are not a large corporation so the funds we collect are directly placed back into the network to generate more business for the network members.

Our members are those that actively seek and create opportunities via recommendations and word of mouth referrals. Local businesses that get involved with the Tahoe Business Network quickly see that it is like having your own "local" sales team marketing your products and services through trusted relationships via like-minded members. Having a network of local business contacts is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business and costs less than advertising in local papers and other online directories.

Tahoe Business Network is all about meeting and supporting other local business owners and building long term relationships in a friendly atmosphere. Our group can provide it's members with successful networking options through structured meetings that will create new opportunities for it's members.

You may be a veteran to business networking or new to networking. Either way, our board members and general members are here to support you and your business. One of the best parts of the Tahoe Business Network is our ability to introduce your business to those that are outside of the Lake Tahoe area by speaking about your business on other "travel related" websites. Have you ever dreamed of marketing your Tahoe business coast to coast? We can make that dream a reality for you. 

Unique Tahoe Business Network Benefits:
  • Your own optimized website page to improve your website ranking!
  • Professional marketing directors that promotes you, your business & our network
  • Meetings with key players in business, technology and more
  • Mixers and events

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